Saturday, April 3, 2010

wine and cheese party

I guess I'm going full steam ahead and doing a wine and cheese party for the release of Lost and Found. Why not, right? I'll be at Con.Txt the weekend leading into the release and since I'm driving down, I can bring everything I need.

The lovely Elle Parker, has graciously agreed to let me give away one of her Like Coffee and Doughnuts (signed) books as a door prize. This is a magnificant book to be giving away. She's going to send me stuff for goodies bags to mix in with my stuff.

I just ordered camoflauge pencils with my website url on them too- these are just way too cute and I love it. I owe thanks to my editor, Cyn, for that one.

I've got some other things in the works for this as well, so hopefully this will come together okay.

Anyway, I returned the next round of edits to my editor, who's been caught up on the flooding in Rhode Island. I think we are still on track for the June publication date.

I've also finished my second job until May 17th. With that in mind I'll get back to all the various Gwenna Projects with an emphasis on VN2. I've had to push back my self imposed finish date until end of April.

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