Saturday, March 3, 2012

Alex O'Loughlin

So I'm an author but I'm a fangirl at heart and I admit it. Those that know me know I'm in love with Hawaii Five-O and the two leads, Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan. It's not high drama and I don't watch it for that- instead I enjoy the eye candy, the bromance, the carguments and the chemistry of the cast, especially between Alex and Scott. Oh yeah, the scenery that is Hawaii is pretty spectacular too.

It's fun, even when some of the episodes are more serious than others. It makes Monday nights eye candy night for me. A bowl of popcorn and some grins as Steve McGarrett and Danno Williams snark and make the occasional air heart at each other. It makes Mondays something to look forward to.

And although I've become a huge Scott Caan fan because of this (sexy things do come in small packages, ladies…) I came originally to this remake because of the very handsome aussie- Alex O'Loughlin. He brings a lot of sweet, sexy and goofiness to the table and well, Steve McGarrett never looked so good. This ain't your mamma's Five-O!

So I'm a bit heartbroken to see the news break last night that Alex just checked himself into rehab for a developing addiction to pain killers. He had suffered a shoulder injury last season doing one of his own stunts.

Alex O'Loughlin checks into rehab.

One of the things I loved about the show was the openess of it when on location—offering amazing access to fans/tourists who could see the on location filming, up close and not behind barriers a few miles away. It wasn't only that, but how, often between takes, Alex and Scott would come over and greet the fans, sign autographs and pose for pictures. It's nice of them. Sure, we as fans are the ones who make the ratings, but not all actors appreciate that. The entire cast is appreciative and well, that's refreshing.

Hawaii Five-O with it's iconic theme song and stunning high definition shots of some of Hawaii's most stunning views is also good business. It's provided jobs and a huge boost to tourism that Hawaii is extremely thankful for. It's been a win/win for everyone involved. Series like Lost may have been filmed in Hawaii, but Five-O is Hawaii in all her picture post card, surfing, hula hip shaking glory. And when you live in upstate New York like I do, you can appreciate drop dead gorgeous guys on the warm sunny beaches of Waikiki that much more in the dead of winter.

I'm sincerely hoping this is a bump in Alex's road that he'll overcome and come back stronger for. I give him a lot of credit for deciding to do something about it now rather than gut his way through the rest of the filming schedule that would go well into next month. I very much want to see Steve McGarrett back in all his tattooed glory, whipping off that shirt and trading snarky remarks with his Danno about tossing suspects into shark cages or hanging them off roofs.

Because, really, the alternative is a Monday night without Hawaii Five-0 and I can't bear to think about that.

This day in Vietnam

Vietnam- March 3, 1967- USAF jets pound various Red River Valley targets, 40 miles from Chinese border.

Friday, March 2, 2012

This day in Vietnam

Vietnam- March 2, 1967- Village of Languei, 15 miles south of DMZ is accidentally bombed by two US F-4C jets. 83 civilians killed, 176 wounded.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

This day in Vietnam

Vietnam- March 1, 1967- The 173rd Airborne Brigade is ambushed near the Cambodian border, suffering heavy casualties.