Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Congrats to a friend!

I just wanted to take a minute and offer congrats to a great friend of mine- Tara- who just found out yesterday that she sold her first children's story! How cool is that?

It couldn't have come at a better time- after another "professional" tore her apart only a few days ago- causing her to seriously doubt herself.

Congrats, sweetie! You deserved this!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

No good news is good news... we hope!

Gwenna Project: Lost and Found (Mark and Josh)- at this point I've heard nothing from Samhain. Sooooo, I'm going with that old saying of no news is good news. After all, even though I haven't been accepted yet, nor have I been rejected. I'll be a glass "half full" kinda girl about this. LOL.

Gwenna Project: VN2- I'm back to working on this project again. I'm picking up at the scene where I left off with some changes in mind from my original notes and vision. I like it better. I'm also printing off the material I have so I can mark up where I have problems and what needs to be seriously overwritten. That's all part of to do list for tomorrow.

Gwenna Project: Melody Blue- Now this one I'm getting excited about. for one thing, I can use the research I was doing for Daisy Mae and put it all to good use here. That puts me ahead of the research game. Also, I've got a solid plot in mind and some smaller plot threads to run through it to add some realism and depth to the entire thing. I've got my two main characters set too: Captain Dennis Baxter and Staff Sergeant Theodore "Holly" Hollenbeck.

My main overall background on Holly comes from a real life ground crew chief I was told about- who was in Japan and worked on B-29s. That he came from money and could and should have been an officer, but he didn't want that. He loved working on the ships. Using that, I've built out Holly, a man who was expected to marry well and take up the family name but instead decided that was not going to be him and joins the Army instead to avoid an arranged marriage. He is the head ground crew chief that is assigned to take care of the Melody Blue.

Holly is going to be about 5 years older than Dennis, but no more.

Dennis comes from the Chesapeake Bay area, his family owns a cannery and he loves all things boats. He is the captain of the Melody Blue. Back in those days, young officers were expected to marry, and so Dennis has a young beautiful wife who is sweet and patient. But he can't love her and the more he tries, the more frustrated and confused he is. Something happens that tips his world upside down and he runs, joining the USAAF, hoping this will make a man out of him.

These two men, despite their rank and circumstances, form a friendship when they realize how much they do have in common. After a rough mission where Dennis manages to get the Melody Blue back to the base. Holly is so relieved to have his "lady" back, but even more so that Dennis is back, a bit worse for wear but okay otherwise. But Melody Blue lost her youngest crew member and Dennis is distraught. He goes to Holly for drinks and understanding and it leads to something else entirely, the two men discovering each other. Holly has some experience but it's a whole new world for Dennis. Now Dennis has to figure out what this is he has with Holly and continue to fly Melody Blue. Left behind each time she goes out, Holly can only wait and pray she brings Dennis back to him. Then the unspeakable happens and the Melody Blue, badly shot up, most of her crew injured or dead, doesn't make it back to the base. And no one knows if Dennis was even able to get her out of France and back across the channel. Or if he is even alive.

I've still got another idea I've got at the back of my head but can't label a Gwenna Project yet- of two Marines in Vietnam and the backdrop is the batlle of Hue. But I'm leaving that alone for now, my plate is full enough!

So that's where I am right now. I'm really pleased with the projects so far. Finding time to work on them is something else entirely as I've got two regular jobs that actually pay the bills. *rolls eyes.* I am, however, going over to my good friend's place for a long weekend next weekend. There I will be writing and enjoying and fleshing out more of the Melody Blue. Definitely will be working on VN2.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Gwenna Project now has a name...

The new Gwenna project I mentioned in yesterday's posting about a WWII novel is suddenly taking off here and I jotted down a lot of notes today- including some ideas of character names and who I want them to be. With it is the working title of Blue Melody, which is the B17 that will be the backdrop and will be this Gwenna Project name from now on.

Gwenna Project Updates

Gwenna Project: Lost and Found (Mark and Josh) - Currently out with my first choice of ePublishers and still in a "wait and see" status. Keeping fingers crossed. :)

Gwenna Project: VN2- I've caught myself back up with what I'm doing there and there are some things I already see I want to change with what I did get done. And some new ideas I have for the section I left off. So it's coming back for me and it is my hope to work on it this weekend.

Gwenna Project: Unnamed (WWII): This is starting to take some shape, but I've got some research to do on this one. This will be set in England, WWII and I know I want to work with an enlisted man and a married officer. Of course this will be M/M. I will use some of my research from my regular fiction novel that I've shelved for the time being. Will be doing research this weekend when I'm not working on VN2.

And that's the current state of Gwenna for now. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yes on Gay Marriage

In running something else down, I came across this beautiful website- if you haven't seen it before, do check it out. And be sure to sign the petition.

Yes on Gay Marriage

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Okay, I got a nice quick note from the ePublisher that they did get the manuscript. So now that's off my mind. It's just a waiting game now.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's out there now.

I submitted Lost and Found this afternoon. There was supposed to be an auto responder that would tell me the manuscript (and synopsis) was received but that hasn't happened. I did check my spam filters and it's not there. So I'm a wee bit uptight about that.

The publisher's FAQ page notes that these do go astray and to write them to see if they did receive the submission so I've done that. I realize it's the weekend so I don't know when I'll hear anything.

But there you have it, it's now submitted and it's time to move on. I'm getting back into my other manuscript- VN2. I have some ideas for two other stories, one set in England during WWII and the other in Vietnam, tied to the battle of Hue. They are just raw ideas right now, some research and a more definite plot need to be worked out before I can seriously consider either of them.

So I'll keep you posted on what happens with Lost and Found- good or bad news.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Let me introduce myself

I'm slowly starting to figure a few things out here. I was easily overwhelmed when I started but I'm finding my way around a bit more.

So, let me introduce you to the "Gwenna Project".

I used to write and publish years ago, when my son was a small child. (He's now 6'4" and a medic in the Army...) Twenty years later, the publishing landscape has drastically changed and I'm playing catch up fast. It's daunting to say the least.

I'm trying my hand now at submitting a novel to various ePublishers. I feel that eBooks and ePublishing is the wave of the future and have for a few years now.

So let me fill you in on where I am with my various Gwenna Projects. I hope you'll stick around and watch how I go through the process and maybe even we can celebrate a sucess or two along the way.

Gwenna Project: Lost and Found (aka Mark and Josh) I usually refer to this project as Mark and Josh. This is a short novel I've completed and is now in the self editing stage with the help of a good friend. This one is a contemporary, character and relationship driven story set in the Outer Banks in January. Mark Connor is a Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD who lost his friend and lover in an ambush back in Vietnam. He's never gotten past it. Josh Myers is a former Marine who survived the terror bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut back in 1983. Unlike Mark, he loves life. He's larger than life, always smiling and humming. One man is destroyed by his past and the other embraces the future.

Gwenna Project: VN2- A futuristic full length novel with a whole cast of characters, but centers mostly on Ian and Nate. I'm working with the concept of "bonding" here and how this impacts the men who end up in a bonded relationship. I'm tackling prejudices and bigotry and an Army that is deeply fractured into a caste system, all of this set on a hostile jungle world embroiled in a civil war. Nate, having recently lost his bond partner, has lost his will to live. He's a seasoned soldier and there had been hopes to have him rebond with the company commander. Ian is young, headstrong and running from a legacy he wants nothing to do with. He's also incredibly gifted and totally unaware of it. It's killing him by inches, driving him to the edge of madness. Nate wants to die, Ian wants to be left alone- bonding will change everything for these two men.

Gwenna Project: Establishing a web presence. This blog is one of the steps toward that. I do have a Live Journal and I'm currently setting up my webpage and should have something up here over the next week. I don't have a lot to put on it so it's a bit of a struggle to piece it together.

So there you have it- The State of Gwenna. LOL. I'll be posting on my progress as things happen. And you can also follow in on my LJ as well. Welll see how it all goes.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Just moved in and totally lost...

So okay, here I am without a clue as to what I'm doing here. It's soooo gonna take me awhile to figure this out. Hope everyone can bear with me.