Saturday, October 3, 2009

Let me introduce myself

I'm slowly starting to figure a few things out here. I was easily overwhelmed when I started but I'm finding my way around a bit more.

So, let me introduce you to the "Gwenna Project".

I used to write and publish years ago, when my son was a small child. (He's now 6'4" and a medic in the Army...) Twenty years later, the publishing landscape has drastically changed and I'm playing catch up fast. It's daunting to say the least.

I'm trying my hand now at submitting a novel to various ePublishers. I feel that eBooks and ePublishing is the wave of the future and have for a few years now.

So let me fill you in on where I am with my various Gwenna Projects. I hope you'll stick around and watch how I go through the process and maybe even we can celebrate a sucess or two along the way.

Gwenna Project: Lost and Found (aka Mark and Josh) I usually refer to this project as Mark and Josh. This is a short novel I've completed and is now in the self editing stage with the help of a good friend. This one is a contemporary, character and relationship driven story set in the Outer Banks in January. Mark Connor is a Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD who lost his friend and lover in an ambush back in Vietnam. He's never gotten past it. Josh Myers is a former Marine who survived the terror bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut back in 1983. Unlike Mark, he loves life. He's larger than life, always smiling and humming. One man is destroyed by his past and the other embraces the future.

Gwenna Project: VN2- A futuristic full length novel with a whole cast of characters, but centers mostly on Ian and Nate. I'm working with the concept of "bonding" here and how this impacts the men who end up in a bonded relationship. I'm tackling prejudices and bigotry and an Army that is deeply fractured into a caste system, all of this set on a hostile jungle world embroiled in a civil war. Nate, having recently lost his bond partner, has lost his will to live. He's a seasoned soldier and there had been hopes to have him rebond with the company commander. Ian is young, headstrong and running from a legacy he wants nothing to do with. He's also incredibly gifted and totally unaware of it. It's killing him by inches, driving him to the edge of madness. Nate wants to die, Ian wants to be left alone- bonding will change everything for these two men.

Gwenna Project: Establishing a web presence. This blog is one of the steps toward that. I do have a Live Journal and I'm currently setting up my webpage and should have something up here over the next week. I don't have a lot to put on it so it's a bit of a struggle to piece it together.

So there you have it- The State of Gwenna. LOL. I'll be posting on my progress as things happen. And you can also follow in on my LJ as well. Welll see how it all goes.


  1. Hey baby! Welcome to the blogosphere!

    This is looking great!


  2. Thanks, sweetie. It's a work in progress as you can see. Now if I could just figure out how to add my icon properly, I'd feel better.