Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sorry crickets, I know I haven't updated here in a while. I've been throwing all my energy into finishing VN2. And it's with delight I can say that the rough draft is now completed and I'm now starting clean up, tweaks and some minor over writes here and there. As it stands now, it came in at just under 95k word count. (My sweet friend, HCat will be doing the bullwork, admittedly, so I can actually look like I know how to write.)

Once cleaned up and out the door, I'll refocus to Firebase October and Melody Blue. Both I'm excited to be getting back to.

I can't help but feel accomplished- this manuscript has been hanging around my neck for a few years. I despaired of ever finishing it but no more!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Review for Lost and Found

I picked up a new review for Lost and Found, which gets 4 1/2 hearts from The Romance Studio. It's been a few months with nothing so I have made an effort to get it back out there in people's minds.

This month the cover is on the Romance Junkies main page. Since this has a large readership, I can only hope it pays off. It's also one of the featured books today at Wickedly Sexy Writers. (It's the second one down.)

So not so bad today. :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wickedly Sexy Writers

Hey, I'm all for promoting someone and something that helps me out as well. A lovely new website to help us authors get some attention. What's even better? Their promotional services are for free, crickets.

Go check out Wickedly Sexy Writers. My author banner is already up on their Author's Alley. :)

What to expect this year from the Gwenna Project

You call it resolutions, I'll call it a To Do List. Why quibble if it all gets done in the end, my fellow crickets?

For January, I'm pushing hard to have VN2 wrapped and out for consideration. God help us all.

For February, a short piece written for a "men in uniform" call out.

For July, Firebase October wrapped and out for consideration.

By this time next year, Then and Now mostly if not totally completed and a healthy start on Melody Blue.

We'll see how this holds up over the year. Yikes.