Sunday, April 25, 2010

Juggling game

My line edits came back a few days ago on Lost and Found. They are a little intense so I've once again made the decision to back burner VN2 and my various other Gwenna Projects. Actually I've decided to keep it back burnered, regrettably, until L&F is through the entire editing process.

I despair at ever finishing VN2. It's like a stepchild, always pushed aside for the others who appear more important. I continue to worry that once I do get it done, I won't be able to sell it anyway.

All of this blows my self imposed deadlines out of the water. But since I work a full time job, and will be returning to my part time job in a few weeks, I find myself with a whole bunch of writing projects and too little time to work on them. I'll do what needs to be done on L&F and so that it is at its best for release and move forward from there.

But, that doesn't mean I can't research. I still need a lot of background on my WWII story- Melody Blue. And if I'm going to do Imperial City right, I still have a lot of work to do research wise on the Battle of Hue and on the city of Hue ot begin with. Not to mention the Marines. So I may not be making any word count, I will be making headway.

Authenticity is everything to me. Not being there is not an excuse for not getting it right.

In regards to Imperial City- I haven't even started to put the characters together. let alone an outline and framework. But I have decided that one will be a Combat Artist. These men (and later some women) are unique to the Marine Corp and their work is stunning and often stark in its realism. The works from and of Vietnam are incredible.

Other updates:

The coverart for Lost and Found is being featured on my editor's blog.

My wine and cheese party at Con-TxT for L&F's release is going forward. I'll have an autographed copy of Elle Parker's book- Like Coffee and Doughnuts to give away as a door prize.

Promotion and marketing has come to a bit of stand still. But I'm still looking and booking where I can. I need to get my postcards and bookmarks ordered as well. I may do that today.

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