Thursday, April 29, 2010

The selling of Gwenna

Last night I spent more than two hours designing and laying out bookmarks in Paint Shop Pro. They have been ordered. I've also ordered postcards, magnets and a couple of posters. If anyone wants some great Gwenna swag, let me know because in a few weeks, I'm gonna have it spread around. I'm certainly going to have it up for grabs at the wine and cheese party at Con-Txt. I gotta say that the sexy cover art by Renee looks spectacular. I'll be really curious to see how the posters come out.

And speaking of the wine and cheese party-- since I get paid tomorrow (a concept that fascinates me no end...) I'm going to start purchasing wine and some other goodies (like chocolate) and get that set aside for now. This way I'm not killing myself getting things the week of the convention- or the night before I drive down to the convention. Go me.

I swung another interview- this one at Jesse Fox's blog. Jesse had already filled her interview schedule for the year but has generously agreed to do a special edition for Lost and Found when it releases. I'm thrilled and appreciative.

My editor pointed me a huge WWII convention that's driving distance for me to attentend. Not only can I get a look at B17s but I'll finally be able to find some veterans to interview and maybe use as a military advisor. It's the first weekend of June and for now, it appears my husband and I will be going. Note, it's worth checking out that link if only to see the 'nose art' on the aircraft behind the veterans. I'm a HUGE fan of WWII aircraft nose art.

I continue to slog through line edits on Lost and Found. It is my goal to have at least 90-95% of them done by the end of this weekend. (Ideally, I'd like to have them ALL done.)

On a totally unrelated note- but I find I can't resist well- noting it- it snowed today in Lake Placid. Today. I only live 3 1/2 hours southwest of Lake Placid. On the good side- my lilacs are blooming.

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