Saturday, February 13, 2010

Notes about Vietnam

Interesting article in Vietnam magazine about dog tags. They are sold all over Vietnam today to tourists with the claim they are the real thing. My friend and military advisor shrugged them off as being fakes as most people believed them to be. But this article says not necessarily and it was an interesting read. They are still being dug up and found all over the country to this day. The fact was, they were easily lost and my friend once told me a cute story where he had several that were not his own. When you were assigned to work details, they read your dog tags and marked you down according to that. He said he would simply show them a dog tag not his own then when the work detail came up, he was somewhere else, lazing around. (He was a combat engineer btw, in Vietnam from 1967-1968.) It's little fun details like this that I love to use and the fact that they are authentic is everything to me. works to get as many authentic dog tags recovered and then matched to the GI who lost them. Or is often the case, a surviving family member.

In other research, I just ordered this book- The Timeline of the Vietnam War. I love btw. :)

Books that are NOT about Vietnam but I still want for reference and resource:

Ultimate Gay Sex- this is a pretty pricy book but I found it on Half. com much cheaper. For now I'm just going to wish list it.
Gay Sex- A Manual for Men who Love Men- I may pick this one up this week off of I'm thinking about it for now. I write this stuff, I like knowing what I'm writing about.

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