Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gwenna Project updates

Gwenna Project: VN2 (Nate and Ian)- word count 32,024. I spent the better part of the last two weeks cleaning up a real mess of a scene I had made. But I finished it and added over a 1000 words in the word count, but more importantly, I'm much happier with it. Still not the best action scene I've ever written but it won't hold me back now. That's all I care about, being able to move this forward. It's my goal to complete chapter 7 this week, despite working two nights on top of my regular job. I'm still aiming for mid April to complete the last draft.

Gwenna Project: Lost and Found (Mark and Josh)- This one is still in edits and still on track for a June release with Lyrical Press. :)

Gwenna Project: Then and Now (Mark and Josh)- Word count 1,534. I wasn't able to work on this one this weekend but I did get one of the books I ordered about Key West and a detailed map of Old Town, Key West which I really needed. I knew the Outer Banks as I'd been there over a dozen times over the years. But I've never been to Key West so all the research I can get my hands on here is important. Right now I don't have a date in mind to finish the first draft as my efforts are really for VN2.

No other Gwenna projects to up date on at this point. I'll probably pick up a few new books off of but not until the end of the month.

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