Saturday, February 27, 2010

edits and new books

Quick side note- a followup to my post about snow here- We got hammered Thursday night into Friday morning. Woke up to almost two feet of heavy wet snow. :P


I LOVE collecting books about the Vietnam War. (Somehow that sounds very creepy...) My newest one came today and it's beautiful. Thank you,, because I got this very expensive hardcover for a third of the cover price.

It's a stunning book. It's also a very detailed timeline of Vietnam and the Vietnam War, filled with amazing pictures. (I'm a Huey junkie, I admit it- this has some excellent pictures of them.)

Okay, moving on now.

My first round of edits came in from my sweet editor Cyn. I've got my work cut out for me as I've got only until March 12th to get those back to her and well, they are rather daunting. I've got a plan of attack though so that I can juggle those and two jobs. (oh, and a new webpage design job.) Unfortunately, something's gotta give so VN2, I'm sorry, back you go for a couple of weeks. If worse comes to worse, I'll pull a day of vacation. I'm gonna get them done.

Oh, apparently I'm a massive abuser of the word "and". Shamefully abusive. (hangs head.)

The blub came in too so I signed off on that.

I'm also looking at wedging an evening class in there as well. Because apparently I'm not busy enough it would appear.

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