Tuesday, September 7, 2010

just updates

I've been out of town, visiting a friend over the long holiday weekend. The one nice thing about that is, I usually can and do get a lot of writing done. I wouldn't say I got a lot of writing done this time, but I got a lot accomplished. I know it doesn't make sense, but trust me, I did.

I'm still working steadily on VN2, still aiming for that end of October do or die deadline with an iron fisted determination. I'm well over 40K on the word count now and that puts me at least half way there. I used this past weekend to read through the entire manuscript as it stands now, fixed a few continuity problems and a couple of minor POV issues. (My poor editor, Cyn, is about ready to throttle authors who have POV issues...) I've also tweaked up the event outline and will continue to as I work through this, tossing out elements tthat no longer work and adding in those that make the overall story stronger.

If I hang in tight and keep to my schedule, I should be able to turn it over to my trusted writing partner at the end of October for her to tear apart and show me where I need to fix it. Then it's off to my editor at Lyrical, no later than end of November, preferrably sooner.

January I'll no longer have the second job. That means I can unshelf Then and Now (Mark and Josh 2) and get moving on Melody Blue (Holly and Dennis). And get back to researching for Imperial City, my Vietnam War story set during Tet 1968 in the beautiful city of Hue.

Lost and Found seems to be doing okay. I just made the investment for some advertising and hope that pays off. I haven't stumbled over any new reviews- good, bad or indifferent.

So that's the state of Gwenna at this point. Just riviting, wasn't it?

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