Friday, September 24, 2010

Not my best fall

I normally love Fall, I mean- seriously. For as much as I hate winter (and I can bitch about winter here because this is upstate NY we're talking about...) I still love the change of the season from the heat of summer to the crispness of fall. There's just one tinsy set back for me. Ragweed.

It's flattened me this season which is a large part of the reason I've not updated here in a few weeks. So my apologies. (Okay, I realize no one reads this but it makes me feel better to apologize anyway.) Add to that the fact that my second job started last week and well.

Thankfully, I've actually felt more human these last few days. Sleep goes a long ways toward that.

Despite my woes with ragweed and my spare time now reduced to almost nothing, I've been pounding very steadily away at VN2. I'm up over 48K word count and intend to be well past 50K (hoping for 52K) this weekend. I'm pretty pleased so far with it, have filled in some plot points and holes and I'm keeping it moving. My self imposed deadline of end of October is still very achievable if I keep this pace up.

In other news, my beloved editor who held my hand through the entire process of getting Lost and Found published has left my publisher, Lyrical. Devastated doesn't even begin to express how I feel about this. I have since been assigned a new editor but I already miss Cyn. *sniff*

I made an investment and purchased some advertising space in Romance Times. This has a huge readership and well maybe I can get some sales out of it. Despite everything else I've done and some really excellent reviews, I don't feel it's really selling all that well. I'm sure completely overhauling my damned webpage would help, but I need to find time to do that and well, there is only twenty four hours in a day, sadly enough.

Next post, I've got some interesting news articles I've been meaning to share.

Oh, and congrats to my sweet friend, Elle Parker. Her second novel- Like Pizza and Beer is coming out in two weeks on October 4th. I can't to get my copy.

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