Sunday, September 26, 2010

A little of this, a little of that.

I updated and reworked my website just a bit. It's not fantastic but it's not quite as bad either. It'll do until I can get back to it, probably in January sadly. My graphic artist gave me a signed version of the banner, I updated my greeting and I finally moved Lost and Found off my Gwenna Projects page onto a new page called Current Releases.

I also added a new project to the Gwenna Projects page- something that came out me from nowhere. It'll be a prequel to Lost and Found, about Mark, back when he had Ryan and they were in Vietnam. This will be a much different Mark than the angry and bitter one that Josh somehow falls in love with. This will be set completely in Vietnam and I'll love writing about what I know best- Boonie rats. LOL. For now I'm calling it Firebase October but that's subject to change if I find something I like better.

I've also updated the status of other Gwenna Projects for those interested. (or not.)

Some articles and links I've meant to post before this.

North Carolina Wild Horses Face Uncertain Future.
The plight of the wild horses in the Outer Banks distresses me. I mention them breifly in Lost and Found and I had seen them myself more than once. I think it will very sad if they are no longer allowed to roam the northern Outer Banks as they've done for years.

Boeing Tearing Down Historic Plant 2
Boeing has made the decsion to tear down the place where the B17 Flying Fortress Bombers were once built. Where hundreds of women during a time of war came to work and become known as Rosie the Riviter. It seems a shame to see this go in the name of high tech. Melody Blue would have been built here and such famous names as The Memphis Belle were.

The Art of the American Soldier.
There an amazing art display that just opened a few days ago featuring art by Army Combat Artists. I knew about the Marines but did not realize until I came across this that the Army also supports these artists. Unlike the Marines though, they do not have a museum to display their work and a lot has been lost over the years. Right now it's being shown in Philladelphia and the pieces from the Vietnam era are nothing short of stunning. My particular favorite is called Landing Zone by John Wehrte. If you are lucky enough to live in the greater Philly area, take the chance to check out this exhibit.

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