Monday, August 30, 2010

writing updates

So Now and Then (Mark and Josh 2) has been temporarily shelved. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said this is where I would focus my energy for the three weeks I'm not working the second job- but it just wasn't working out. But VN2 is so that's where I am.

I got a significant amount of work done on it this past weekend. I'll keep at it, I'm up over the 37k mark at this point. Tweeked up the outline last night. Goal is still to have as much as I can get done by September 13th, the entire thing finished up and hopefully (fingers crossed) to my editor by the end of October. (When she'll likely laugh her ass off and tell me to get real.)

So that's where I stand right now. And another nice long weekend coming where I intend to have my way with Nate and Ian. They'd better be up for it! (Ouch, bad choice of words...)

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