Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All Romance eBooks

Quite by accident, I found out Lost and Found is listed on All Romance eBooks. What makes this cool is that I've got very high ratings there so far- 5 out of 5 in the two catagories they have. Even better- it's listed as an ARe Best Seller! Now how cool is that?

Another review- sort of. Val of Obsidian Bookshelf covered her previous review on Jessewave Reviews. I didn't discover this until Monday. It's not a new review per say, but another look. She gave it a 4 our of 5 in the original review so I'm happy. :)

I'll update word counts and such on all three novels I've got going right now, over the weekend. I'm pretty convinced that as of right now, my focus will go to Now and Then, the sequel to Lost and Found. It'll be a novella length so I think I can pound out the majority of the first draft during this three week break I've got coming from my second job. Anyway, that's my plan and hopefully I can stick to it!

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