Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sort of an update...

After getting home from my second job, I sat down and finished up the last tidbits and markups on Lost and Found and (gasp) shot it back to my editor. So there you have it, round one done. Go me.

I've decided to take this weekend off from my regular writing- including VN2. I really need to clear my head so that I can get it wrapped around Nate and Ian again. Next weekend is a three day weekend and unless my edits are back (and they could be), I'll sit down again with my two bonded men who don't know what to do with each other. LOL. Besides, I'll have the house mostly to myself as it appears my husband will be going north to visit his family.

I've also been collecting names, both first and last names, that I want to use for my Melody Blue characters. I have Dennis and Holly of course, but there is a lot of other characters around these two and I've been researching for more period appropriate names.

Also next weekend, I'll pick back up on Then and Now as well. (My sequel to Lost and Found.)

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