Thursday, November 5, 2009

Research materials

One of the books I ordered for my research on the Battle of Hue came in the mail today. It's called Battle for Hue Tet 1968. And my husband, knowing I'm researching this topic again, taped a program off the History Channel that was solely on this battle. This one is starting to come together for me much as Melody Blue is so I'm excited. I love research anyway, especially about Vietnam. It remains a fascination for me.

I now also have a working title for this Gwenna Project: Imperial City.


  1. ooo. I like it!

    And I'm thrilled that you have two compelling projcts now. That's great news.

  2. Yup, two new ones in the wings. Melody Blue is pretty much outlined and Imperial City is all about the research right now. I scored the weekend to myself, btw- so once I get Mark and Josh back out to Lyrical this time, I'm going to throw myself at VN2 and get as much done as I can.