Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gwenna Project Update

Gwenna Project: Lost and Found (Mark and Josh)- Good news on this- finally! That's right, it got accepted! :) I can't say more at this point, I still need to sign the contract and such but I'm thrilled beyond words that it's being picked up!

Gwenna Project: VN2 (Nate and Ian)- I'm still tinkering with a few things but admit I've done no writing on it. Thank god for the four day weekend as most of it is mine and I can seriously get back to work on this.

Gwenna Project: Melody Blue (Dennis and Holly)- Some new research books I ordered came in, including one my husband found for me. The outline is pretty solid at this point and I'm continuing to dress out the additional characters needed to support this. I also know how I'm starting this and wrote all of that down. (Need to translate it to my computer now.) Like VN2, I'll be juggling a lot of characters and action scenes and such but I really thrive with that. I still need more research on southern England, about the countryside, small towns and villages and the weather during high summer, but those are details I can continue to work on while I start to actually write on this one.

Gwenna Project: Imperial City- Still remains stritctly in the preliminary stages as I continue to gather information concerning the battle itself. I've only got some vague ideas of what I want to do and how to approach it but nothing suggested yet for specific characters. I have decided to stay with two Marines so some work there on my part is needed. Thankfully, I have an "in" there. LOL.

And that is the state of Gwenna for this week. I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving. If you are traveling, take care and be safe.

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