Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When you got nothing to say...

Okay, so I'm not very good at keeping up with this- the author side of my life. And I know this and I think, geesh, what is so hard about this?

Part of it is, the silence on the other end. I call it the crickets. I have a lot of those going for me. And the truth is, it's hard to write anything, want to write anything when you think no one is listening.

But the other part is, I feel like I've got nothing to say. That there isn't alot here to get excited about- you know? And I mulled this over today when I did my usual two miles, the fact that I'm an author but a lurker and quiet. Which isn't doing me a whole helluva lot of good, now is it?

I can have things to say, when I want to. I'm passionate about character, it's what drives me when I write. And as I thought about that, I thought about some other things so I sat down this evening and made up an outline for myself. Because I'm all about outlines, mind you. And came up with several things that I can work with and talk about and simply get out there.

Because the truth of the matter is, if you've got nothing to say, who is going to listen?

So, one more time, I'm gonna give this a try and see if I can at least get something out there, three to four times a week. No less than two times though, I'm try to make that at least.
So um, hello, once again. I'll start out with some of my favorite eye candy and we'll see what happens from here.
Seriously, they just don't get much cuter than this pair .

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