Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reality television, reality in characters

To me, there are two types of reality television- the kind that has a prize at the end (Survivor, Amazing Race) and what I consider to be reality TV- that being The Deadliest Catch for instance.

I admit it- I love The Deadliest Catch. It catches these guys in the rawest of moments and well, if you ever wanted to see some characters, tune in sometime when one of the captains has a total meltdown. Or it's high seas and a guy gets swept overboard. This stuff isn't staged, it's not contrived, it's real people in what has to be one of the most insane jobs out there- crab fishing in the middle of winter off the coast of Alaska. Seriously.

I like real characters, and I like to write characters that are real and not apologize for them. I like my guys to be guys- to really walk the walk and talk the talk. And since I write about men in the military, trust me, they don't get much more real than that. Not everybody likes that, or agrees with it and striking a balance between keeping it real and too real can be a challenge sometimes.

I've learned that I write what I like and I like gritty characters that aren't necessarily popular or score high on the warm and fuzzy meter. But they are three dimensional and realistic and someone I can see and hear and feel because it's a more honest character, if that makes any sense at all. And an honest character, a believable character, well I'm all over that.

Side note:
In today's news- NC passes its law stating that a marriage is between a man and a woman. *sigh* I keep hoping that someday everyone will come to understand that the definition of love doesn't begin and end with gender.

Today's bumper sticker: The moment that little voice in your head says "Yep- you're going to hell."

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