Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eye Candy Friday, posted on Saturday

Okay, I'm trying to make Fridays eye candy day for me. But I ended up staying way way later than I planned on at a friend's little wine and snark party on her deck last night. Which I needed, the snarking anyway. (I settled for diet coke instead of wine) Anyway, it was almost midnight before I got home.

I also had to take the late shift at work. The last hour our phones are still on at my regular job (Yes, sadly, I have a regular job I hate, but I digress...) is the longest hour. We all rotate this, so I don't have to do it again until July. But there is only 4 of us in the office, which is cavernous when it's that empty. So I worked on the sequel to VN2- which I've tentatively titled Higher Ground. Thank god I always keep a flash drive in my purse. I've got two new characters and a couple of complicated plot lines I'm intertwining. Thankfully, it made the last hour go by much faster.

I've had to focus on one of the many writing projects I've got going on. I was too scattered and really not gettting anywhere. Right now Higher Ground seems to be the one yelling the loudest at me for attention, so it's the one I'll run with for the time being.
Anyway, my choice of eye candy for this week- Sergeant Zeke Anderson (as played by Terence Knox).

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