Saturday, June 12, 2010

When you score a great editor

I know I've mentioned my editor- Cyn- before. She was such a huge help in not only getting Lost and Found pulled together, but in helping me through the entire process. She's incredibly awesome and is already encouraging me with VN2, when she doesn't have to do much of anything as we are "between" books right now.

She just posted on Lyrical's blogspot about being an editor and I think it's a really excellent article- and timely. I'd been worried about submitting VN2 because I knew she wasn't into the sci-fi. VN2 is a futuristic look at Vietnam- and although I focus entirely on the characters and relationships, bigotry and the fact that the more things change, the more they stay the same- it's still sci-fi. But this post about why editors pick one manuscript over another is, for me, anyway, reassuring. If VN2 gets rejected- it won't be because of my choice of genre.

Cyn's also an author, and a damn fine one too. And she just scored a really super review on her latest book, In The Cards from Happily Ever After Reviews. So congrats to my editor! Woot! You go girl!

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