Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lost and Found releases in just a few short weeks and I'm becoming a certified basket case. I'm just incredibly nervous about it all- will anyone but my five closest friends buy it? And the reviews- that has me so uptight I can't begin to tell you. I just want the first few out of the way so I can deal with it all and move forward.

I've netted yet another blog interview for July. This one is at Beyond Romance, Lisabet's blogspot. Considering my last two didn't seem to do all that well, I can hope that some of the upcoming ones maybe snag one comment.

I've sent out three ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) to three reviewers that are not on Lyrical's list, including Jessewave Reviews.

Overall, it's been a pretty incredible ride and continues to be. Publishing an eBook is so different than a traditional house. I scored a wonderful editor right out of the gate and that's gone a long way in making all of this managable, especially when I felt overwhelmed. Having Elle to ask questions of has been a huge help as well. And lord knows I'd have never survived this without my sweet friend, Mel, handholding me for much of this. It has been an adventure. There have been a few minor disappoints here and there, nothing is ever going to be exactly the way you wanted or hoped. For instance, my longer blurb that my editor and I worked so hard on to have right, got bumped completely for the much smaller "highlight" one instead on my bookpage. But would I recommend this press and publishing in the ePublishing world to begin with? Oh yes, very much so.

Oh, I'm currently overhauling my webpage. I know, it's a mess and I apologize. I hit a wall with the software I use. But I found another software I like much better and I'm working with that. I'm still learning things about it but I like what I can do with it so far. Hopefully, over the next month I'll have it all fixed and looking more professional. One can only hope.

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