Sunday, March 20, 2011

getting back on track

I was supposed to go to Japan next Saturday for a trip I had planned with a friend for almost three years. An earthquake and tsunami sort of put a wrench in those plans. Add to it an airline that is just being a real pain and well- what was to be a trip of a lifetime has turned into a lot of disappointment and headaches. Oh well.

While this back and forth has been going on this past week, I've been totally derailed on any writing. Yesterday, I pulled out Then and Now- the sequel to Lost and Found. I have two different beginnings to that one and so started to take parts from one and marry it to the other. Not a good idea when you have a nasty headache. Today we'll see if we can fix the mess and move forward. I'll put Firebase October up on the screen as well and see what I can do with that. I'm still aiming for a late summer, early fall deadline on one of these two.

I wasn't supposed to get my first edits on VN2 until after I got back from Japan in April. Not sure if this will change my editor's schedule but we'll see. I've got paperwork to Breathless I need to finish up including an updated author's bio.

With the trip cancelled, I may take a long weekend here and bury myself in one of the manuscripts. Maybe even treat myself to a hotel room so I can relax and not worry about anything but the writing. It's a thought.

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