Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gwenna project update

Gwenna Project: Lost and Found (Mark and Josh)- this is moving forward quite quickly now. Lyrical has my contract and sent me the "Welcome" package and I'm sorting through that as best I can. There is a lot there to look at and I have several forms I have to fill out so I've been working on those. Right now it's admittedly, somewhat overwhelming but I'm working through it a little at a time. I'm still waiting for an editor to be assigned to me and with that, a tentative release date.

With everything happening now with Lost and Found AND Christmas sort of rushing at me like a runaway tractor trailer on a steep incline, I haven't been able to devote anytime to my other projects. This does not make Gwenna happy as I really keep hoping to get back to work on VN2 at the very least. But tomorrow night is the last night I teach at my second job until late January, so that is going to help alot. When I'm not working on edits for Mark and Josh, I'm going to be all over VN2 with a schedule and goals and the idea that I'm going to push through to get as much of the first draft done before I start to teach again at the end of January.

I do have a new Gwenna Project to add to my list though- now that Mark and Josh have been accepted by Lyrical Press, I can go ahead with the sequel I had hoped to do but didn't want to invest in until Mark and Josh got picked up. So, I'm going to mark it here- the follow up to Lost and Found is going to be Then and Now. It will follow Mark and Josh down to the Florida Keys where they will be working on a rehab there.

So here is the current list of Gwenna Projects as they stand now:

Lost and Found (Mark and Josh)- Currently accepted by Lyrical Press and starting the editing process.
VN2 (Nate and Ian)- currently writing the first draft- word count over 25k.
Melody Blue (Holly and Dennis)- Still researching but outline is complete. Still working out some details but this one is ready for me to get started on.
Imperial City- Still strictly in the concept and research phase.
Then and Now (Mark and Josh)- Follow up to Lost and Found, I've already outlined this and it's ready to go. Will work on this as I work on VN2.

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