Monday, January 7, 2013

Bragging rights

About a year ago a studio in Great Britian contacted me and my close friend, Mel, about using a series of character biographies/studies I had developed for the late 80s television series- Tour of Duty. They were releasing the entire three seasons in the UK on DVD, complete with the original soundtrack and a lot of extras that would include my character work. :) The complete series is now out and available and I take great pride in being able to count this under my writing accomplishments and credentials (under my real name) for something that is my real joy when it comes to writing- character development.

I had a great deal of help with these, including not only Mel (who made it all possible) but from the late Lee Russell who was a military advisor for the first two seasons of the series. We still maintain the original website where not only the character biographies were came from, but several other interesting elements for those writing about the Vietnam War. If interested please check out

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