Sunday, July 18, 2010

So, I am actually writing too

Yeah, I am writing, LOL. No really. Not on what I thought I would be- no, it couldn't possibly be that simple.

Instead I got a start on Melody Blue, my WWII novel with Holly and Dennis. These two guys sort of started to natter at me back on Monday, and when I tried to ignore them, well- they got down right obnoxious. Oy. So I made notes on two scenes while at my regular job (shush, I won't tell if you won't...) and then started to actually write this week. I'll keep playing with it while I keep on with the research as I'm nowhere near done with that end. I've still got so many questions I need to answer if I want to keep this authentic. It doesn't matter if it's about two gay men, I still want it accurate.

One unexpected but cool thing came out of this- I now have a clear picture in my head of the nose art- that being Melody Blue herself. That I'm really happy about.

I have a long weekend next weekend and the weather is supposed to break- so I'm hoping to get my collective act back together on VN2- I'm still aiming to have that ready to submit to my editor at Lyrical Press by this fall. I think I've also worked out most of my plot snags with Then and Now (Mark and Josh) and that makes me a lot happier. Both of those will- hopefully- be my focus this upcoming weekend.

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